Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Inside HAMSA

Hi all, I have been intermitently available on the blog , Each time i write after a gap i come up with the same shlogan "I am back" .This time perhaps to make a slight change ,i would say "being back on board".I hope my gusto of writting on web will be long . However,leaving all apart , i have been quite busy from past few months , hoping to make life more constructive , developing a lot of cool applications .But , have failed miserably . Doomed.Well,after this doomsmonths i finally come up with something really cool , in the begining to only "say" ,after a while "completely justified ".I am working on ELECTRONICS ,do you believe it ? Not in a million years. Used to laugh at a some of my peers at Engineering school ,expecially at those who had no roots in computers.Now , We are all sailing in the same boat. In fact , i am leading all such friends. As far as the industry norms are concerned , i am in a wonderful place , doing awesome things.Though , i do not reject it completely ,yet am not able to take it for granted . In the coming days i'll be doing a lot of Electronic stuff with great passion( inherent in me ;) ). Oh , one more thing that needs to be exclusively bragged is "I am THE YOUNGEST in my team(HAMSA)".Lot of things to learn folks. Getting ready with all the gear from 3 days ,ready to pounce on my favourite part " CODE WRITTING " at any moment . See you all till i get back to again brag,I have done this all myself :).

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