Wednesday, August 4, 2010

VirtualKeyBoard in a good shape

hi guys.. The VirtualKeyBoard on which i am draining my energies from quite sometime has now come into a proper shape .Right now i am a proud developer who can say "In a next versions of the freoffice you would be using my virtual KeyBoard and the best part is it can dynamically build keyboard for any ,..just aneey language ".It has some default languages which directly come with the keyboard and these can not be removed from the language basket ,where as the rest of the languages can be downloaded,added and respective keyboards can be built to the languages basket in ONE CLICK .Removing the unused languages from the languages basket is also very simple.In a single statement i can conclude that your documents on FreOffice would now onwards contain more than just ENGLISH .You would not only love the functionality of it but also the effects it produces makes you very delighted .I would come with a lot of screenshots and maybe video also of the VirtualKeyBoard tomorrow .Till then keep waiting :)

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